Environmental Policy

We at Eve Learning Pty Ltd see protecting the environment as part of our core values.

In taking measures such as those outlined below, we aim to continue to reduce our environmental footprint.

We recognise that our business has a corporate social responsibility to enhance the environment and promote the long term sustainability of the technology and education industries.

We aim to inspire our staff, vendors and clients to do the same.

Our environmental policy reflects our commitment to environmental sustainability and the precautionary approach. It also demonstrates our awareness that our actions are important for our clients, our employees and our business performance.

Eve Learning Pty Ltd commits to:

  1. Understanding and managing our environmental risks with the goal of minimising or eliminating those risks.
  2. Ensuring the environment is considered in our investment and corporate strategies, procurement and the products and services we offer
  3. Actively working to minimise pollution, manage waste streams and address relevant biodiversity issues.
  4. Reducing our waste products, purchasing reusable products wherever possible and recycling relevant products.
  5. Reducing any toxic materials to protect employee health and the environment.
  6. Engaging with our customers, employees and shareholder on environmental issues and transparently reporting on our environmental performance.
  7. Providing all employees with the training and education necessary to meet our objectives.
  8. Complying with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  9. Openly communicating our policies and practices to interested and approved parties.
  10. Where possible, encouraging suppliers to meet high standards of environmental performance.
  11. Regularly reviewing environmental objectives and targets.
  12. Monitoring and recording our environmental impacts on a regular basis and comparing our performance with set policies, objectives and targets.

Policy Updates

This Policy may change from time to time and is available on our website.

Environmental Policy Complaints and Enquiries

If you have any queries or complaints about our Environmental Policy please contact us at:

Eve Learning Pty Ltd
13 Haldane Street
Beaumaris VIC 3193