This is who we are

EVE Learning is an Australian company, based in Melbourne Victoria, that partners with organisations to help them design and deliver education strategies which will raise their performance.

We have more than 160 years of combined experience in community, government, business, health, human services, and education sectors.

EVE Learning has the expertise to provide flexible, cost-effective and easy-to-use solutions that meet your performance, education and staff development needs.

Our values embrace respecting life, safeguarding our environment and being the best we can be. Creating public good means we focus on supporting community, education, health and human services enterprises. During the COVID Pandemic we offer our services to community organisations on a pro-bono or direct cost basis - well below normal market rates.

Health/Aged Care
Human Services


This is what we can do for you

Are you interested in elearning but unsure where to start?

We’ll take the uncertainty out of going online. We’re experts in quick, effective learning solutions.

Do you use elearning but don’t know if it’s giving value?

We’ll tune your elearning system – to save you money and improve your learning outcomes.

Need better courses?

We’ll develop customised flexible learning courses – engaging and interactive learning developed fast!

Need a Learning and Development Strategy?

We’ll give you education strategies and approaches that empower your organisation to be more competitive and your people to be more effective.

Need know-how?

We have knowledge and capability in public health, health and aged care, education, community services, justice, policy, governance, I.T. and business management. Our consultancy portfolio brings this know-how to clients in the Public, Not-for-Profit and Private sectors.


This is who we work with

Clients of EVE Learning include:

Anglicare Victoria

Department of Families, Fairness and Housing, Victorian Government

Department of Health and Human Services, Victorian Government

Department of Jobs, Precincts and Regions, Victorian Government

Department of Justice and Community Safety, Victorian Government

Epworth HealthCare

Faith Communities Council of Victoria

Federal Court of Australia


Independent Hospital Pricing Authority

Islamic Council of Victoria

Melbourne Business School

Walter and Eliza Hall Institute of Medical Research

See examples of some COVID EveLearns we have developed for community workers in the video below:

Depending on your requirements, we expect to be able to provide examples of similar work that we have undertaken and referees that you can contact.


This is what we bring

Strategic analysis, business planning and problem solving

We bring decades of education and enterprise expertise to analyse the education opportunities and challenges facing your organisation, which complements your business knowledge. We bring the necessary skills and experience to devise a strategy with you and apply practical business plans, which will help achieve your performance, education and staff development needs and deliver solutions to your current and future problems.

Organisational development and performance monitoring

We bring hands on support to develop your organisation’s learning and development capacity including design thinking, critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration. We bring skills, methods and technologies to design, cost and implement a workplace performance monitoring solution with you, and provide integrated reports from a range of data-sources in real-time, which will drive the whole organisation to improve performance and quality.

Learning products and end to end systems

We bring personalised, engaging and interactive online and blended audio-video learning programs, multi-dimensional educational ‘packs’, customised learning platforms, training management systems, and monitoring tools. We bring you the opportunity to have a complete, integrated, and end to end learning system for your organisation that you can rely on without the need to directly manage. We bring capabilities in artificial intelligence to enable your system to anticipate and interact by providing dashboards, advanced warning and solution options.


This is what you achieve

Faster, better, cheaper performance

You achieve the productivity and capability you need through tailored and timely practical advice and support which is directly actionable. You achieve the ability within your organisation to sustain and grow your performance through education delivery, and avoid costly, ill-fitting and disconnected training.

Your personal solution and in-house capacity

You achieve a performance-led education strategy, developed in partnership with you, - and the right systems, content, capability and processes to achieve your goals. You achieve an effective, affordable, reliable and complete learning solution based on measurable outcomes which outperform your current systems or contracts.

Better outcomes and organisational success

You achieve your education and learning outcomes that meet quality standards and regulatory requirements and are measurably cost-effective in the workplace. You achieve by accessing performance data which motivates your staff, informs your managers, and aligns your development and learning with your strategic directions.


This is where we come from

Jordan Burnett

Director of Systems & Design

Coming from a background in product design and system engineering, Jordan Burnett brings his extensive experience from the design industry, including product development, system design, marketing, branding, interface design, and web development into the education sector.

Now, with over 9 years experience in the education sector, designing, developing, managing and administering educational systems and courses, his focus is on the user experience. Providing personalised, easy-to-use systems and interfaces that enable users to learn without the hurdles of complex systems.

Professor Emeritus John Catford

President & Relationships Lead

John Catford has very extensive experience of education design, development and delivery over a varied career spanning more than three decades – as Professor, Dean, Deputy Vice-Chancellor Academic, Executive Director Medical, CEO and Board Chair. He has first-hand experience of the opportunities and strategies for learning to improve quality, standards, customer experience and staff performance in the community, government, health, human services and education sectors.

John has held senior academic, government and health service executive positions in Australia, UK, and with WHO. He has been Board Chair of VicHealth, Youth Support and Advocacy Service, Postgraduate Medical Council of Victoria and was a Commissioner on the Victorian Government’s Boards of Inquiry into the Hazelwood Mine Fire. John knows how organisations tick and how to transform them into new higher levels of performance.

John is currently supporting the Victorian Government’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic, drawing on his extensive public health experience and former role as Victoria’s Chief Health Officer. He is providing advice and support to the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Department of Justice and Community Service and the various stakeholder and community groups that comprise those portfolios.

Dr Susan Hunt

Aged Care Consultant

Dr Susan Hunt RN DipNurs BApSci MEd PhD has extensive experience in community and residential aged care, both as clinician and educator. She has held teaching roles within the vocational as well tertiary sectors, including Senior Lecturer Aged Care at Victoria University and Notre Dame University (Sydney), and adjunct Associate Professor at University of South Australia and Australia National University.

As a QUM Scholar, Susan’s doctoral studies identified the barriers and enablers for quality use of medicines within residential aged care. Her clinical areas of interest include the assessment and management of incontinence, quality use of medicines and the management of dementia and delirium. Susan was Senior Nurse Advisor, Commonwealth Department of Aged Care between 2007 and 2015. Recently Susan held the position of Clinical Governance Lead, Dementia Support Australia, and Clinical Advisor, Aged Care Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety.

Jane Kiddell

Learning Design Consultant

Jane Kiddell is an educator, facilitator and learning designer with over 20 years’ experience specialising in digital workplace learning across a range of sectors (including Information Technology Services at University of Melbourne, Epworth HealthCare and Deakin University).

Her practice is collaborative and learner-focussed, partnering with learners and stakeholders to explore complexity and co-create authentic, effective learning experiences. She brings design thinking methodology and mindsets, evidence-based pedagogy, media storytelling, learner experience design and authentic evaluation to the team.

Professor Marita McCabe

Mental Health & Wellbeing Consultant

Prof Marita McCabe PhD FAPS is a highly regarded scientist-practitioner in clinical, health and forensic psychology. She conducts theoretical and applied research in the areas of ageing, body image disorders, depression and sexual health. Marita has a significant publication record, with more than 400 refereed articles and has attracted more than $12 million in Category One funding for aged care research.

For the past 20 years, she and her team have collaborated with aged care providers to address depression and the behavioural problems associated with dementia in both residential care and the community. Currently, she is leading a NHMRC-funded project to evaluate an aged care staff training program for Consumer Directed Care. This approach will help ensure residents are provided with choice and control in their daily lives – so improving quality of life – and is also expected to promote staff job satisfaction.

Professor Bev O'Connell

Health & Aged Care Consultant

Prof Bev O’Connell RN B AppSci MSc PhD has more than 25 years’ experience teaching and researching in the areas of acute care, aged care, continence care, risk management and carer needs. She has held several senior academic roles nationally and internationally including Professor of Nursing, Edith Cowan School of Nursing and Midwifery, Professor and Dean Faculty of Nursing at the University of Manitoba, Associate Dean (Research) at the Faculty of Health, Deakin University, and Inaugural Chair in Nursing, Deakin University and Southern Health.

Bev is widely published and has led large teams of researchers using both quantitative and qualitative methods. Her most substantial research work was the development and implementation of the Tri-focal model of care which included the research and development of evidence based educational materials for students and aged care staff. This innovative model of partnership-centred aged care incorporates the teaching nursing home concept.

James Quealy

Managing Director & Head of Learning

With more than 20 years’ expert experience in elearning systems and developing effective learning programs, James Quealy brings a wealth of knowledge to the design, implementation and evaluation of integrated learning solutions.

Widely experienced as a strategist, facilitator, learning designer and usability expert he has developed and managed complete eLearning systems and content development for University of Melbourne, Deakin University, Epworth HealthCare and RMIT University. James’ background in Human Factors and organisational psychology gives an added dimension to his ability to develop effective performance-led education, development and learning for individuals, teams and organisations.

Alan Taylor

Financial Director & Business Services Lead

As a Fellow of CPA Australia and a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors, Alan Taylor has more than 15 years experience in both designing and implementing organisational strategies at senior levels within the health, education and not for profit sectors. He has a passion for sustainability and customer service that has established successful strategic partnerships and translated organisational initiatives into long term, viable operations.

Alan brings extensive financial, analytical and modelling capabilities that provide organisations with the tools they need to understand the drivers for financial success. He also has extensive executive management experience, and has held several Board positions including as Chair of a Victorian School Council.


This is how we do it

EVE Learning will do things EXACTLY right for our clients - in design, development, delivery and cost.

Nothing we do is off the shelf or templated. Everything we do is tailored to your specific needs, capabilities and directions. The proof is in the performance.

We use the very best and most cost-effective technologies, utilising free open source resources wherever possible. We have unique solutions which utilise smart phones, tablets, and apps offering maximum flexibility for ‘learning where you are’ in terms of location, devices and capability. This not only makes the delivery as simple and accessible as possible, but it drives down cost and means that you do not need to provide dinosaur computers and extravagant learning management systems.


This is how you contact us

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In collaboration with the Victorian Department of Health and Anglicare Victoria we have developed a series of free eLearning modules for the community services sector. The topics are:

  • COVID-safe for Community Workers
  • PPE for Community Workers
  • P2/N95 Respirators for Community Workers
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